TITLE D-Day - Every Wed & Thu 9.30 pm (JKT)
DATE 2015.10.06
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The most epic K-drama is here!

The disaster drama `D-Day` with full of suspense is to be on K-plus.

When the horrific earthquake hits the heart of Korea, Seoul,
you hear people screaming and wailing over pain and despair.

But even in this hopeless situation, there are people who try to save others` lives.

Catch up the latest JTBC drama D-day on K-plus!
:Premiers October 7,
Every Wednesday and Thursday 9.30 pm (JKT)


An unprecedented 6.5-magnitude earthquake has struck Seoul, destroying roads and buildings. Hae-sung, a competent surgeon, can’t resist doing everything he can during the emergency. Dol-mi, beautiful and ambitious, wants to be a true doctor after meeting Hae-sung. Woo-jin has a successful career as rising doctor, but he truly cares about being a true doctor. These three team up to rush into emergencies, finding and holding to hope in the desperate situations, taking risks to save lives.